i'm laura and dick wolf ruined my life and anna gunn won an emmy

the aaron to my bryan

favorite breaking bad openings

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make me choose: diane or kalindagladiatorinstilettos

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Flawless People: Lesli Margherita [1/?]

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Kirsten + hair up - requested by my dear Liz kirstencohens

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Meloni used to answer questions on his old website. These were all answered between 2005-2008.

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Make Me Choose | kirstencohens | River/Doctor or Cat/Ned

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We need to talk about the Wyatt family


So, here it’s how it goes:

For ten years, Steve Wyatt was employed at the Philadelphia Police Department as a beat cop. At some point he gave up his career in authority and began a PI business. He moved to Partridge, Minnesota, where he met Julia.


They get married and have three kids: Henry, Ben and Stephanie.

1983: Steve and Julia get divorced. The kids live with Julia (because Ben is terrified of his father) but Stephanie spends some time with Steve in Mexico, where he was starting his “business”. There she learns how to speak spanish.

1990: Stephanie joins the FBI (and changes her name to Monica Reyes).

1993: Ben is elected mayor. He creates Ice Town, which leads the town into bankruptcy, and gets impeached. In the same year, Stephanie (Monica) is assigned to investigate John Doggett’s son’s case.

After the teen mayor shame, Ben leaves Partridge and goes to college.

1998: Julia leaves Partridge and goes to Washington, DC. There she works at a bar (and has to listen to Mulder complain about how miserable his life is).

She goes back to Partridge shortly after that.

2001: Stephanie (Monica) is contacted by Agent Doggett. She meets Scully and Mulder, and sometime later is assigned to work on the x-files.image

2010: After working as a state auditor for years, Ben decides to stay in Pawnee, IN, the greatest town in the world.

2012: After years of working in Gus’ meth operation and then with Walt and Jesse, Steve (Mike) fakes his own death and goes back to Partridge. He starts dating Ulani.

Doggett disappears while investigating a case and Stephanie goes back to Partridge and takes her old name to stay under the radar.

Henry has a daughter.

2013: Ben and Leslie get engaged. Julia, Steve and Ulani attend the engagement party.



Ben and Leslie get married.

Ben and Leslie go to Partridge and visit Stephanie. Little is known about what happened to her partner or her job.


August 2013: Ben still doesn’t know anything about any of this.

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